Granite Building Materials

The granite faceplates made by Rujakmens are exclusive finishing material for both outdoor and indoor use. If you are looking for good quality and durability in materials that are used in the environment around you, this is for you. 

We offer stylish and unique granite tiles from locally sourced granite. Like the artwork, they are in just one copy and will contribute in the creation of one-of-a-kind home and its surroundings.

The streets covered with cobblestones are those that have been preserved until centuries through the centuries. We offer all kinds of granite paving stone - this all-time value.

The cornerstone is a stone that will not only provide the strength of the wall but will also give the stone building its features and create a more monumental impression. It will also enhance the artistic refinement of the building and create the corner shape. We offer the unique L-shaped cut and wire-sawn granite cornerstones. They are made to order.