About Rūjakmens 

Unique beauty created by nature embedded in quality work 

Rūjakmens craftsman Kaspars has been working with the stone for 20 years. His workshop is located in a notable place - in the territory of Dīķeri manor, which has existed in the chronicles of history since the 16th century. Stone has always been close to Latvians and has been a significant part of our ancestral life. It has touched also Kaspars, the owner of Rūjakmens, in its unique way: he has who has long ago understood that the Latvian boulder is one of a kind with its versatile pattern and colour game. It can be broken into pieces for building or pavement, but it can also be created into unique and exclusive interior design items. In the hands of the master, a seemingly simple boulder turns into excellent dish, sink, candlesticks and various other items that complement the interior. As Kaspars says, "Stone is not simple. It's older than the men and also smarter. Working with the stone is like having a conversation, during which the stone reveals how it mixes the colours, where it hides the gold and why from the outside it looks different than inside. The result of our conversations are many beautful things, that are unusual with their pattern and the colour scheme."