Stone festival


The stone festival in northern Latvia was held for the first time and it took place in Rūjakmens.

On July 22nd, the usual rural silence and bird trolls were interrupted by those from near and far, who had come to the Stone Festival. Participants were able to see the exhibition of the stone plates and bowls, various stone garden sculptures, watch a stone barbecue demonstration, and treat themselves with the BBQ meat directly from the grill. There were also activities for the kids as they were actively participating in the workshops and playing games till late hours.

After the day full of impressions in the evening Kārlis Kazāks was giving an intimate performance to those who stayed till the end. Guitar strings and songs to those around the fireplace. As his hand on guitar placed the last accords, we could hear the cranes starting to sing in the distance. The stone comes from nature and we couldn't imagine better accompaniment for the stone festivals ending sounds.

See you next year!